Dummy Construction and Assembly

A dummy – as perfect as the later original – for photos, TVs and presentations saves time, costs and nerves.

Using comprehensive in-house digital and analog techniques, we are able to “conjure” your presentations – whether they are an individual dummy or a small series – on time, from a single source, and in layout or packshot quality.

- Photos and TV dummies
- Coating blank tubes, welding and printing
- Labels with highly reflective gold and/or silver embossing
- Printing and fabricating folded boxes
- Chocolate bar packaging with a grooved welded seam
- Small packaging series for tests, trade shows and sales representatives
- RubOns on 3D dummies, for example glasses, cans and cell phones
- Trade show displays in 5 x 3 meter format with color print
- Stamping and fabricating small series of labels
- Trade show, car and exterior lettering
- Cutout displays made of forex
- Presentation booklets in color, collated and bound

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Contact us at an early phase of your project planning for advice. Our know-how, which comes from over 40 experience in presentation services, helps you present to your client your creative work to its best advantage.

Prices for Dummy Construction

The costs for dummy construction result from the implemented techniqes, the majority of which are described on our website, as well as time-based labor such as fabrication, die cutting, grooving, high-frequency welding of plastic tubes, varnishing, etc.

After we have reviewed your artwork or computer files, we are happy to give you a binding quotation for the technical costs.

For the time-based work, we give you a bid with an approximate price based on estimated fabrication times with a price of 74.00 euros per hour.

The hourly rate for spray painting 3D objects such as bottles, tubes, etc. in your desired color is 120.00 euros including cost of materials.

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