What are RubOns?       Pricelist   

Are used whenever you ...

... are not able to print directly on materials and forms with ink jet printers and color copiers for the presentation.

... when the desired colors and effects cannot be achieved.

... when objects and forms should be printed on directly.

For example for:

Acrylic glass models, aluminum beverage cans, beer glasses, blister packages, CDs, mobile phones, yogurt containers, industrial models, clear plastic wrap, leather bags, metallic foils, model cars, perfume bottles, porcellan plates, prototypes, chocolate bar wrappers, Easter eggs, shampoo bottles, champagne flutes, toothpaste tubes

With fluorescent inks, bronze, highly reflective metallic colors and embossing effects, RubOns allow you to “print” perfectly mixed color tones on almost any material yourself.
You have the choice between highly glossy or matte colors..

With RubOns, you design with no cutting edges:

– Packaging dummies, directly on the original packaging or particularly thin clear plastic film.

– Print behind foil for packaging and covers.

– Cosmetic designs with combinations of opaque, translucent, bronze and highly reflective metallic colors as well as pearl luster effects..

– Digital prints, photos and proofs with highly reflective metallic RubOns in gold and silver.

– Labels and flanges with hairline type fonts in reproducible sharpness.

– Tone on tone effect with highly glossy black RubOns on matte black paper..

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