are colored rub-on transfers on a carrier sheet that adhere to nearly any dust and oil-free surface.

  • Logos, lettering and images from your file or artwork.

  • You receive RubOns on a carrier sheet. From this carrier sheet, you can very easily transfer your image by rubbing it onto any dry, oil-free material.

  • RubOns are produced using a photomechanical printing method employing real printing inks.

  • The print is made from right-reading film negatives, produced from your artwork or a film exposure of your file.

  • Success or failure of a presentation frequently depends on the quality of its technical execution. With precise designs, misunderstandings are avoided and decision making is accelerated.

  • For many presentations, RubOns from Interproof are the only solution that allow the dummy to look like the final product.

Fulltone RubOns
From your files
  • IIn exactly mixed color tones according to your sample or Pantone®, HKS®, RAL, etc..
  • In metallic bronze tones
  • In mother-of-pearl and Iriodin® pearl luster effect colors
  • In fluorescent colors
  • Glossy or matte
  • Opaque or transparent
  • Highly reflective in silver or gold
  • Also multicolored in combined printing, ready for you to transfer yourself.

Four-color RubOns
From your CMYK image file or color artwork
  • Produced using a screenless, continuous tone process, RubOns allow you to transfer your colored halftone images and gradations without cutting edges onto countless substrates and objects.

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